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Natural Locations


Kritou Terra
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A water fall inside a “cave” – hint, follow the trail, enter the small tunnel on the right of the “cave” at the end of the trail.

Akamas National Park
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Filled with multiple nature trails and beautiful beaches.

Blue Lagoon
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Located in Akamas National Park.

Avakas Gorge
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The Grand Canyon of Cyprus. Located next to a wonderful long golden beach near Akamas National Park.

Petra tou Romiou
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Also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, the birth place of Aphrodite. Legend also has it that the giant rock was thrown by Byzantine hero Digenis Akritas to keep the Saracen Arabs away from the island.

Baths of Aphrodite
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Located on the Akamas Peninsula near the fishing village of Latchi, it is said that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty bathed here in the pools.


Caledonia Waterfall
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One of the highest waterfalls of the island with a great and slightly challenging hike leading to the waterfall surrounded by trees and creeks.

Chantara Waterfall
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Hint there is a challenging trail behind the main waterfall.

Mount Olympus & Troodos Square
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The tallest peak in Cyprus. Capped with snow during the winter season, it becomes a destination for skiers and snowboarders; during the summer, it is a refreshing escape from the summer heat.


Teichia tis Madaris
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One of the best, if not the best, view points of Cyprus. Multiple nature trails begin from this location.


Cape Greco
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A place well known for its sea caves which are also excellent for snorkelling.

Of course there are loads of places to visit which we haven’t mentioned, like the Wine Making Villages in the Limassol mountain areas, or the unspoilt beaches on the coast of Larnaca, but those are for us to know and you to find out....

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